Upward and Inward

Upward and Inward

Words written by Lee Ann and Annie,
As we descended the last 300 yards of 19,500 ft, Pascal, our guide, said, “Your pharaohs have come to greet you.” Lee Ann and Annie, accustomed to keeping their heads down to watch each step, raised their heads to see the smiling faces of their friends and hearing a cheering welcome. After six hard days of climbing, with beautiful weather, it was a hard fought climb to the summit, with very heavy winds and frigid temperatures–BUT WE MADE IT! And in record time.

It took will, determination, tenacity and prayer to move our feet up that mountain. Harder than either of us ever dreamed. And yet, now looking back on the adventure, we both know any goal can be achieved with the support of community and just like the water project, it takes a village. Our incredible team of guides, porters, waiter and cook worked tremendously hard to make our journey a success. We bless and thank them.
This was so much more than a goal, it was a spiritual journey that led us not only upward, but inward. “Praying without ceasing, I felt the hand of God as I climbed,” said Lee Ann.

Annie says “I felt God’s presence when I saw the glacier.” It was an overwhelming experience.

And from the waiting crew. . .”with eager anticipation we watched for first glimpse of our very brave climbers. We felt such pride and an overwhelming awe in knowing these two incredible women who took on this feat.”

We spent the afternoon hearing the incredible stories of every footstep of the climb.

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