The wheels are in motion!

Some early rains have started, as a preview of the monsoon season to come, in March. Everyone prays for rain here, so it is always welcome. My own perspective has been altered and I don’t believe I can ever feel unappreciative of rain again.

I spent my morning revising letters for equipment permits and tax waivers. The Uru Ward counselors Evarist Momburi, Rose Temba and Stephen Mambaleo, are working overtime with me, to make sure our remaining time together is maximized. EVERYONE is thinking of nothing but water and wells right now. I have met with Dr. Chami, this area’s Parliament representative, two times now. I am learning more about Tanzanian politics and the working of government in these matters than I ever thought possible! I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this aspect, even with all the challenges of communication, cultural understandings and required learning curves! I think it’s probably because I am so grateful for this level of cooperation and so excited to see the internal mechanics of our project moving forward!

I keep telling everyone here it’s too early to plan such things, but they are already planning a BIG celebration for the first well that brings in water. Florentina woke me up last night, pounding on my door in her night gown. Dr. Chami had just called her, pressing her/me for a firm drilling date, because the President of Tanzania would like to clear his schedule for the dedication! Florentina could not stop laughing.

No one in the USA can possibly believe how important these buckets of water are to very thirsty people. I can only keep writing… and telling… and praying with these people and our friends at home… that we will all realize our common vision as planned.

For today at least, we are all giving thanks for the sound and smell and taste… of rain!

Barbara Joye

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