Safe Arrival!

Safe Arrival!

Climb Day 1-Everyone

Phones, Flights, Florentina and Faces

It is almost 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, here in Tanzania. As I am ground support for our Kilimanjaro climbers, I’m up late figuring out a few bugs in our international calling system. We Americans are very funny in our expectations, believing we can set up systems in a third world country… like cell phones… and they will work just like back home!

Our flights were great and all luggage arrived intact, so for this we are very grateful! We take this as a good sign, of continued good journey to come.

From Florentina’s home …our partner, coordinator and host… we saw our first view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The weather is exceptionally clear, which is GREAT for the upcoming climb, and our first view of the mountain this trip, was both breath taking and aweing.. The faces of those who are here in Africa for the first time, were priceless, reflecting more than words can convey. First and foremost, I’m sure, were thoughts of the pending climb and what lies ahead to reach the top. All of the climbers are determined and excited and have already shown great support of one another in the early preparations. The climb will begin around 12 noon on Saturday …which is 3am Saturday, Chicago time. Their guides, Honest and Daniel, came by this afternoon, to review preparations with the climbers. Everyone feels good about the arrangements and confident in their guides… and themselves.

Your prayers and good wishes for these wonderful people *Margie, Mary, Florentina, Poppy, Ron, Catherine, Jeremy and Sam* are much appreciated!

Water, Wells, and A Great Welcome

Earlier tonight, we met with a number of our village partners and government officials. We received terrific support from Mr. Chami, of Parliament, in particular. This was a GREAT relief and very encouraging, as we are doing our best to ensure safety, protection, sustainability and active involvement of the people here, at every level. A number of our concerns were answered beyond expectation, and we will be moving forward with the genuine support and commitment of all concerned.

For all our friends and family, be assured that the people here are deeply caring and respectful of our group and all in America who are contributing towards this project. They have asked us to convey their appreciation to everyone, acknowledging your generosity and sacrifices, and offer a resounding KARIBU… you are WELCOME here… always.

Blessings to one and all.

Barbara Joye

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