Uru Water Project


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Women getting contaminated water
from open streams.

Why We Care

Women and children suffer greatly from the lack of access to clean water. They climb and walk 2 to 5 hours a day on precariously steep trails, carrying water in 5 gallon buckets weighing 40 lbs on their heads. Many resort to collecting water that runs down the mountain in the open furrows designed for irrigation or drainage. These furrows become polluted from pesticides as well as human and animal contaminants, with waterborne diseases being common and severe. The provision of safe water access breaks the cycle of poverty, allowing children to go to school, women to have more time for education and income earning and families to enjoy better health.

100,000 liter Kyaseni cistern constructed in 2014 image

100,000 liter Kyaseni cistern constructed in 2014

How We Help

It Can Be Done is creating real impact with safe water access in Kilimanjaro Tanzania. Water sources and delivery systems are developed with the generous support of ICBD donors. Sustainability is created through Community Participation with:

"Grandmother" well and pump house at Kimocholo. image

“Grandmother” well and pump house at Kimocholo.

  • local partners including village, ward & district officials
  • community owned & managed projects for invested self-governance
  • use of local resources for economical development & easy maintenance
  • sweat equity & enthusiasm
  • low water user fees to maintain system for all
Getting safe water at public taps.

Getting safe water at public taps.

Uru East Impact

Our current water system is changing lives with safe water access to 2500 Uru people. Uru’s community owned system supplies fresh healthy water from a secure maximum yield borehole, 3 holding tanks, a gravity feed system carrying water through 5 kilometers of pipes to 20 metered public taps, a church, and a school. Expansions this year will double our impact, bring hope, improve health and transform lives with:

  • 15 additional public taps
  • Extensive water pipe system from the newly built Kyaseni cistern
  • Safe water access to Mwasi North Primary School
  • Safe water access to a total of 5000 Uru people
  • Clean water provision to the ONLY HEALTH CLINIC in Uru East
  • Begin Next Phases of Safe Water development for ALL 14,000 Uru East men, women and children!

YOU Can Help Bring Safe Water Access
to all 14,000 Uru East People!

Here’s How!


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