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“Access to this safe water has had a deep impact on us. Our children are thriving so much better than they did before they had access to the Kimocholo water. Additionally, it has greatly freed the time of our women and children…girls especially, and indeed my time too… that used to be spent fetching water. Our girls can now use the time to study, do homework or even play instead. Hundreds of households now have access to this water, so our community has saved thousands of hours that can be used for productive work.”

—Rev.Fr. Godfrey Jumatano, Kishumundu Parish, Uru East

The first recipients of safe water in Uru East are deeply grateful for the improved health and well being already evident in their lives. Appreciative water users always follow their “great thanks for assistance with water” with an inquiry: “Is there a way to bring safe water to more of our neighbors, too?”

Four Year Plan: Dreaming Big!

girl getting water from tap imageWith the successful establishment of Uru’s Community Participation Water Project, we are planning future development to include sustainable safe water access for all of Uru East’s 14,000 villagers.

  • Research is underway for additional safe water sources.
  • Primary consideration is for an engineered spring source at the Kilimanjaro forest line with water delivery by gravity feed.
  • Proposed spring water source has been tested and deemed safe quality and measured for sufficient volume to supply the rest of Uru East villagers.
  • Preliminary design includes an engineered spring source, security structures, multiple cisterns, public water taps, meters & pressure management structures, and extensive water pipes for safe water delivery.
  • A Four Year Fundraising Goal of $125,000 per year has been established
  • Construction plans allow for safe water delivery to be made throughout stages of development for immediate & ongoing impact.
trenching imageThe successful Community Participation model already implemented in Uru East will be utilized to insure sustainability including local resources, sweat equity, low water user fees, and community owned and managed projects. Our vision and goals are firmly rooted in demonstrated success. But our initial development of water sources & delivery systems require the commitment and generous support of ICBD donors like YOU to make these life-changing dreams come true.




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