Laying the Foundation for Success

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Education is Key

Community education and information sharing lays the foundation for successful project implementation and sustainability. Cooperation and goodwill are fostered by working within local governance and community accepted parameters and with ongoing transparency.

Education for Project Implementation includes:

  1. Introduction of the project in educational meetings with Village, Ward & District leaders, key community members, and with water user beneficiaries.
  2. Project parameters & responsibilities of community including:
  • Scope of the project in terms of area & potential impact.
  • Benefits & impact of safe water access including reduced incidence of waterborne illnesses, reduced time spent for women & children collecting water, reduced poverty by allowing opportunities for women to earn income and children to attend school.
  • Barbara Joye and Alphonse Ngowi

    ICBD President Barbara Joye & Uru Water Project Manager Alphonse Ngowi.

    Why project financers do not buy or lease land areas or give compensation of any kind for land use or plants uprooted during construction. All land must be donated voluntarily for community benefit and no one may restrict or interfere with the path of water pipes.

  • Why project implementation needs self help contribution in pipe trenching, back filling and ferrying of construction materials to the sites where vehicles cannot reach.
  • Why beneficiaries must pay for their water according to consumption, with low fees established by water users & local management for system maintenance.
  • Responsibility of community in maintaining security of construction sites as well as all related structures of the water system including water pipes, water sources & cisterns and public taps.
  1. Ongoing strengthening of community’s role in good management include a responsibility to minimize water losses, immediate reporting of any technical problems or misuses, and security of all water related pipes and structures.
  2. Supports &Training for technical workers, public tap operators, & management Board for good maintenance & sustainable management practices. The water users’ company MAJI YA URU successfully manages daily water services. Water beneficiaries report good satisfaction with water delivery & management and a great impact in their lives with improved health & time saving benefits.


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