Healthy Water Means Healthy Lives!

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Safe water access is the first line of defense for health and well being.

The second line of defense is the essential education of water users to reduce the possibility of contamination from the public tap to the cup and from the cup to the mouth.

The Uru Water Project supplies safe water from a reliable clean well source. Water is lab tested regularly according to WHO (World Health Organization) standards and does not require boiling for healthy consumption. To help eradicate waterborne illnesses the community must have an awareness of the importance of drinking water quality, and the relationship between water quality and human health.

pouring water into cups imageThis includes educating community members regarding:

  • proper hygiene
  • sanitation
  • safe water handling.

Education for cleanliness of buckets, emphasizing the need for covered home storage tanks, and promoting storage tanks that include taps to reduce contact through cup dipping are all necessary measures. Education regarding water quality and human health help protect community members from contamination in their homes, and also promote community response when it comes to protection of water supplies from pollution.


It Can Be Done is working for safe water access to all 14,000 Uru East men, women & children. Funding sources and educational partners are being sought for further eradication of waterborne disease through Student & Community Education Programs.

You Can Bring Health & Hope to Uru People!


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