Imagine that you are a force of water and what shall you do with it? - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

In this time of dramatic climate shifts and rapidly disappearing natural resources, it is our ingenuity as global neighbors that will sustain us. We are called to consider and act upon the equitable sharing of wisdom and resources.


Our willingness to see one another as interconnected regardless of the distance in miles between us, is the key to understanding how our actions (what we buy, what we consume, how we live) impacts us all world wide.  Drawing on the power of instant communications and contact in this amazing 21st century, our hands and hearts can reach around the world with lightening speed… touching, shaping, and creating the world of tomorrow … today.

“The children who have no clean water to drink, the women who fear for their safety, the young people who have no chance to receive a decent education have a right to better, and we have a responsibility to do better. All people have the right to safe drinking water, sanitation, shelter and basic services.”

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

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