Preparing for Lift-off!

Preparing for Lift-off!

Winging Our Way To Africa

In less than 24 hours, our 2012 travel group will board planes in Minneapolis and in Chicago, to connect up in Amsterdam. From there we will wing our way to Tanzania, traveling a total of 23 hours before reaching African soil.

For some this is a ‘first time’ to Africa and a response to the heart’s calling, for adventure and a sense of greater purpose. For others of us it is a repeat experience that allows a deepening into our own souls, as we work in service within our global community.

In these last moments, we find ourselves dealing with a flurry of practical ‘to do’s’ in preparation for our work with Acorn Women’s Cooperative or for climbing 19,500′ up Mt. Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness and funds for our water project. We are spending some last precious moments with children and families. We are packing and repacking and weighing the luggage. And we are checking the weather, hoping that the snow and ice will not delay our flights!

Most of all, we are giving thanks… for all the friends and family who have made our progress possible… with their love, prayers, volunteer efforts, fund raising events and donations. Our 2012 team (Barbara Joye, Chris Moses, Sandy McKinney, Lee Ann Richards & Angela Dampier) are about to fly off to Africa with hearts full of love and hope and gratitude…. made possible by our wonderful ‘family of humanity’. Thank you to all. AFRICA… HERE WE COME!

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