Old Friends

Old Friends

This is my fifth journey to Kilimanjaro and I am delighted to be bringing my dear husband James Zinzow with me, for the first time! James has been serving as an engineer consultant with our project for several years now ‘sight unseen’, so we are both excited to have him actually meet the people and places who have brought such deeply special meaning into our lives.

We stepped off the plane at 8:50 pm Thursday evening and commenced the ‘hurry up and wait’ process of obtaining our visas and then collecting our luggage. As we stepped through the doors into the public area we were greeted by almost 2 dozen of our dear friends and partners, smiling and hugging and laughing!

Alphonse had orchestrated this wonderful greeting, and arranged 3 large vehicles to escort us, our luggage, and this beautiful greeting committee to our Kitole Homes B&B in Moshi. At Kitole the manager had lit candles throughout the common living area, along with fresh picked flowers from the gardens. We were able to sit and talk with our friends, taking in the faces and changes that a year apart may bring to us all. Before leaving, the lovely women from the Acorn Cooperative sang a quiet ‘good night’ song… and James and I retired for much needed sleep… our hearts full of the joyful sight and sounds of ‘old friends’.


Mt. Kilimanjaro image

Mt. Kilimanjaro welcomes us again.

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