Next Steps

Our group of Kilimanjaro climbers has returned to America, each to their respective states and homes. I remain in Tanzania until February 26, to follow up on details for placement of the first 25 wells. This is a time of great wonder and gratitude. Wonder at the continued unfoldment of international cooperation and sense of unity through our common purpose. And gratitude for the safe return of our group from their great adventure up Kilimanjaro… and their success in raising funds and awareness for ICBD’s immediate relief water project for Uru. We are very much closer to meeting our plan to begin digging bore holes this summer!

I will continue to work through the weekend, going to the villages and walking the proposed sites for the first wells. We will be placing them at schools, clinics and community/church centers, for maximum immediate impact. I am looking forward to the walking… and climbing! Standing on the actual sites, beneath the canopy of rain forest with banana and mango trees and feeling the red earth beneath my feet, will bring this vision one more step towards realization.

While life is, without question, very difficult here, Kilimanjaro is a respite of beauty and a promise of life’s provision. The people gather fruits from the forests, grow gardens of vegetables, and cut grasses from her slopes to feed the goats and cattle. I will look forward to time on this mountain and among her people, tomorrow!

Barbara Joye

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