Fresh Start

The Unity word for the day, “Fresh Start” so defined what would unfold this day, as well as give us a new perspective on our communication challenges. An early morning meeting brought together Barbara, Chris, Alphonse, Florentina, Rev Sandy and Justin Anderson, the Magi Tech Drilling Company General Manager. Justin, a Navy veteran of Iraq, brings expertise, life-skills and compassion to the team, as well as sharing our vision of belief in a strong community involvement and ownership from the residents of Uru. Final plans were laid for Phase One with water filling the first reservoir within the week. Mid-way through the meeting, at 11am we received word that our climbers, had made it to the top of the world!!!!!

We are so very proud of their commitment, the time they gifted to being prepared for a 19,500 ft climb and as one porter shared with us “what you need to make the climb is willingness” and Lee Ann and Annie have inspired us all. And of course we celebrate the support from families, friends and sponsors because we know it takes us all! The synchronistic timing of the phone call tied to the finalization of first water, filled our hearts as we struggled to hold back our tears–an amazing moment for our Fresh Start day.

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