Day 5 and Uru

A journey up a steep, winding, red dirt road in a vehicle barely traveling 20 mi @ hour leads up past homes; some shack-looking, some palatial in comparison. The first sign we were nearing our destination; the Ngowi’s was a young African boy spotting us and sprinting ahead of the car–finally out of site. He ran forward to alert our hosts we were about to arrive. And what an arrival; the Acorn Women’s group; over a dozen, all dressed in beautiful uniforms were so exuberant in their welcome. Dancing, singing, gifting us with flowers how could we not be overcome with emotion. Even small children and babies were part of the welcoming throng. Our first day here we met the Acorn Women’s group, viewed their incredibly beautiful products and were given demonstrations of how some of the jewelry is being made. A feast, that gets prepared a pot at a time not only fills our tummies, but brings to us flavors and healthy, organically grown vegetables and fruits–and the love from the hearts and hands of those who have prepared and served it. Our internet issues continue and while only briefly getting online for our first blog, we connect at Alphonse’ on the top of a mountain. We toured the Women’s Acorn House, in the midst of remodeling and stopped to see some of the women’s homes on the climb to the Acorn House. They proudly showed off their homes, as smiling faces of all sizes, peak out to view their visitors from another world. Difficult communications also challenge our ability to connect with our Mt Kilimanjaro climbers. With faith we know their incredible trek; is the feet in the fulfillment of the VISION for water and women’s empowerment.

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