Challenges and Courage

Climb-Rocky Wall

The Kilimanjaro climbers are now above 16,500 feet and all are feeling some effect from the altitude. Sam Fell, one of the film crew, has descended after reaching 16,000 feet.
It is never predictable as to who might feel the effects of the altitude, to the point of debilitating illness, and consequently forcing a descent. Sam suffered a lot, almost from the beginning with the altitude aspects, but he made a truly enduring effort to continue climbing. I cannot believe he made it to 16,000 feet, given his very negative response to the thin air and altitude… along with weather challenges of rain and snow! He made it back down the mountain last night, in a hard rain and over some very slippery inclines. Honestly… he’s my current hero in this very real test of courage. Sam is now feeling very well and happy with his effort… after a hot shower and a warm dinner last night!

The group perseveres, towards the 19,500 foot peak… the tallest free standing mountain on earth … and symbol of commitment and courage to all who attempt an ascent to her top.

God bless them all.
Barbara Joye

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