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Climb Gathering Water for School

We have word that we should pick up the climbers later today! We have not heard if all made it to the top, but I know that all intended to make a final push…
after their day of rest. We’re all anxious and excited for their safe return… and will be celebrating with a big dinner…cooked by Matrona… later tonight!

While the group made their way skyward, I have been moving things along on the ground! I am focusing right now on making way for the planned shipment of all our equipment, this summer. Everything needs to be in perfect order for receipt, transport and the waiver of VAT… or taxes… because we are a non profit with a charitable mission. Evarist Momburi, Councelor of Uru North ward, has been especially helpful to me with all the meetings and necessary conversations. The village officials, Tanzanian government and volunteers alike… have made truly great efforts to organize and cooperate. In any country, this is a remarkable feat unto itself!

I have visited some of the villages and schools again, where we plan to place some of the wells. The situation is even more difficult that when we came last year. This region did not receive what they call the “small rains” in November and December, so even the open furrows, or dug trenches, that funnel rain water down the mountain to those below, are completely dry. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to hold back tears, as I stood by school children in their uniforms, scooping brown water from barely wet, muddy ditches, their drinking water from a tiny rain we had the day before.

And the women here… they do EVERYTHING in these villages. Childcare, agriculture, livestock, cooking and carrying water up and down for hours and hours. They are even more tired now… having to walk farther up the mountain to find natural springs. The women are so eager to know and learn other, better ways, and they ask me many questions about our lives in the U.S. Their enthusiasm and willingness is contagious and has set me dreaming anew, of connections between ICBD and other organizations, who focus on micro loans and economics for women. But, WATER FIRST… so that all will feel healthier and stronger… and may have the fortitude and belief, in dreams of their own making.

May we all dream together, for the watering of our own lives… in the ways we each and everyone need… for happiness and wellbeing.

Blessings to each and all for your prayers.
Barbara Joye

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