A Piece of Our Hearts

A Piece of Our Hearts

For four of us, our last day in the warmth, sunshine and red dust of African soil. Our leader Barbara Joye remains behind for another two weeks to work with the water project and their board and will continue our Blog. Your comments on the Blog have kept us connected to home. Missing our families and yet leaving behind the spirit and incredible smiles of these beautiful people, brings mixed feelings.

Our goodbyes from the Acorn Women’s group included words that touched our hearts; “you cared enough about us to come and see where we live.” Song, dance and gifts brought our day to an end as Annie and LeeAnn were also able to experience the joy from the Acorn Women’s Cooperative Group.

A visit back to the Kishimundu Secondary School and on to a Primary School, that teaches ages 5 to 13, we again were welcomed by the excitement and enthusiasm of hundreds of children. Their faces, their eagerness for having you reach out and just touch them, along with wanting to view every photo to see themselves, is contagious. Annie even got a pen pal; her name is Mary.

Today we will pack; not only our belongings, but the incredible handiwork from the Acorn Women. Four suitcases of jewelry, artwork, bedding and textiles will be carried back to the USA for your buying pleasure! ¬†We can’t wait to share our stories and photos and to see you all; yet we leave a piece of our hearts.

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